New Japanese machines

I recently got two very cool 8-bit Japanese machines for my collection:
Sharp X1-C (CZ-801C)
Toshiba Pasopia 7

Both are in very good condition as you can see in the pictures. I was also able to grab two great games for the X1:
– The Castle
– Front Line

Here are some screen shots of the boxes and the games running – these were taken when the X1 was connected via the RF box so quality is not great. I need to get some new pics with my new RGB monitor. If you know of any Pasopia 7 software anywhere to be downloaded please let me know!

The Castle:

Front Line:

American Tanks

I finally added 2 great American computers to my collection: the IBM 5150 and the IBM 5170.

I am still looking for a Herculer video card for my 5150. If anyone knows of a godd/cheap one let me know!

TO 8D software

I was finally able to get my hands on some TO 8D software. I got ahold of two packages: a game collection in disk that has Green Beret, Runway, Supper Tennis and Monopoly; and a Logo cartridge, the good old Turtle programming language. Here is how these look like (notice that once I boot with a cart inserted I get a new start up option):

The games are fun. Green Beret feels a lot like the Spectrum version. Monopoly has great graphics but it takes a bit to draw the screen. Runway looks simplistic but it actually plays very nicely. I couldn’t really do much with Logo because I need to find a syntax reference – darn turtle only speaks French 🙂

Alphatronic news

So I have finally found a disk drive for my Royal / Triumph-Adler Alphatronic PC. Got it for a decent price and it is supposed to be working fine. More updates once I receive it.

Also on the Alphatronic front, I found an interesting site from the UK with some good info and pics, and an old forum entry that describes the purpose of the internal dip switches:

1 2 3
ON ON ON International
OFF ON ON German
ON ON OFF English
OFF ON OFF Italian
OFF OFF OFF reserved

OFF Serial printer
ON Parallel Printer


I am still looking for any disk image for this system. Now that I have the disk drive I can at least try out CP/M programs and see if those work.

New keyboards

I wasn’t really happy with my keyboards for the X68000 and FM Towns. So after hunting for a decent deal on Yahoo Japan, I found these two:

The first is a X68000 compact keyboard, which was released along with the X68000 XVI compact I believe. It is basically new and it is an awesome keyboard. The second is a full size FM Towns keyboard. I am not totally sure if it was the original keyboard for my model but it does look a lot better than my previous grey keyboard. It is a bit yellowed but the keys themselves are in very good condition. Here is how my Towns set up looks like now:


I got a pretty unusual addition to my collection recently: a Silicon Graphics O2 (originally known as the “Moosehead” project). This is a beatiful machine. I am a total UNIX newbie so if anyone out there has good recommendations of sites please let me know. I am mostly looking for any cool software (the system came with the bare IRIX 6.5 install).

Here is a pic of the box along with the original keyboard: