IBM PC AT 5150

The IBM 5150 is a must for any vintage collection in my opinion. This is the computer who really defined an era, the first PC as we know it. Back when I was a kid, the 5150 was way too expensive for me to have. My friend’s parents had one though, and I remember going to their house and looking at that huge computer (especially when compared to my tiny TK 95) and its cool looking monochrome monitor. I remember when they upgraded theirs to Hercules graphics and how amazing I thought it looked (something like this).

It took me a while to find a good 5150 for a reasonable price but I really hit the jackpot. Mine has got quite a few upgrades like a 3.5 floppy along side one original full height 5.25 floppy drive, as well as a ‘modern’ IDE hard disk (slim model). The computer also came with an original clicky keyboard but not the usual American model; it is a Spanish model which is pretty cool. Finally, it came with the original 5151 monochrome monitor. All parts look great all around, the keyboard looks really brand new:

Now all I need is a Hercules card 🙂

Technical Specs:

TYPE Home Computer
YEAR 1982
BUILT IN LANGUAGE IBM BASIC (Special Microsoft BASIC-80 version in ROM)
KEYBOARD 83 keys with 10 function keys and numeric keypad
CPU Intel 8088
SPEED 4.77 MHz
RAM 256 KB
TEXT MODES 40 or 80 x 24 lines
GRAPHIC MODES Depends on card; Mine has the original MDA which is text only
I/O PORTS Five internal 8 bit ISA slots, monitor, Centronics, cassette
POWER SUPPLY Built-in power supply unit

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