Microdigital TK-90X – ZX Spectrum

The TK-90X from Microdigital is a ZX Spectrum clone from Brazil. It was produced in 1985 when importing foreign computers to Brazil was illegal and the Speccy was one of the rulers in the 8 bit personal computer world.

This computer is very similar to the original Spectrum. You had the Z80A running at 3.58 MHz, 16Kb and the 48Kb versions (mine is 48Kb), built-in Sinclair BASIC and the usual rubber keyboard.

I bought this TK-90X from a guy in Argentina so the ROM is in Spanish. It is in very good shape considering that it is not easy to find well kept computers from this time. I also got the original box along with it, even though that is not in such great shape:

Even though there were some compatibility issues with a few games, overall the TK-90X was a good Speccy clone especially when compared to other clones of the same era.

Technical Specs:

MANUFACTURER   Microdigital
TYPE   Home Computer
ORIGIN   Brazil
YEAR   1985
KEYBOARD   Rubber keyboard – 40 keys
CPU   Z80A
SPEED   3.58 MHz
RAM   16K and 48K versions
ROM   16 KB
TEXT MODES   32 chars. x 24 lines
GRAPHIC MODES   256 x 192 dots
COLORS   8 with two tones each (normal and bright)
SOUND   1 voice / 10 octaves (via TV set)
I/O PORTS   Expansion port, tape-recorder (1200 bauds), RF video out, Joystick
POWER SUPPLY   External 9V DC power supply unit
PERIPHERALS   Sinclair (not all) and third sources peripherals

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