Sharp Hotbit HB-8000 – MSX 1

This is my brazilian MSX – the Sharp Hotbit HB-8000. This is the first model released in late 1985; a second black model with updated ROM was released in 1987. I had the black model when I was a kid and overall the two were basically the same computer, a typical MSX 1 computer with 64Kb and composite video output.

My Hotbit is in quite good shape, with very little yellowing and very responsive keyboard. I am still looking to purchase a black model but importing these from Brazil is not very easy.

Technical Specs:

NAME   Hotbit HB-8000
MANUFACTURER   Epcom / Sharp
TYPE   Home Computer
ORIGIN   Brazil
YEAR   December 1985
BUILT IN LANGUAGE   Hot-Basic v1.2
KEYBOARD   Full-stroke keyboard, 5 function keys and 4 arrow keys. 73 keys. Portuguese special characters
CPU   Zilog Z80A
SPEED   3.58 MHz
CO-PROCESSOR   TMS-9128NL video processor
RAM   64 KB (28 KB free with MSX Basic)
VRAM   16 KB
TEXT MODES   Mode 0 : 40 x 24
Mode 1 : 32 x 24
GRAPHIC MODES   Mode 2 : 256 x 192 with 16 colors (Hires mode)
Mode 3 : 64 x 48 with 16 colors (Multi colour mode)
32 sprites
SOUND   General Instruments AY-3-8910 Programmable Sound Generator
3 channels, 8 octaves
SIZE / WEIGHT   405 x 280 x 58 mm / 3,2 Kg
I/O PORTS   Audio output, 2 controller ports, 1 cartridge slot, Tape interface (1200/2400 bauds), Composite video output (PAL-M), RF TV output, Printer / Centronics interface
POWER SUPPLY   Built-in PSU, 120/220V AC60Hz

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