Fujitsu FM-NEW 7

This is my 1984 FM-NEW 7 computer from Fujitsu. The NEW 7 was the successor of the 1982 FM-7 and the FM series was the precursor of the much more famous FM Towns series released a few years later. This was a truly ground breaking computer for its time: it is powered by two Motorola 68B09 micro-processors, with one being its main CPU and the other only handling video and inputs/outputs. It has 64kb of RAM and it can render an amazing 640 x 200 with 8 colours. The machine has Fujitsu Basic in ROM but it also supports a native disk OS (selected by changing dip switches on the back). The Basic is similar to the TRS-Color version but with enhanced options.

The NEW 7 I got is in excellent condition. It has almost no yellowing and signs of time. The computer supports both a mono composite output and color RGB output. Both require special cables which I luckly found in Yahoo Japan. There is quite a good collection of games out there, including classics later ported to systems like the MSX. You can see the screenshot below where I was running one of my favorites – The Castle by ASCII:

This is an awesome computer and quite rare here in the US. It has a very strange look (hideous according to my wife) but this is truly one of my favorites. The keyboard is excellent, its Basic is super powerful and games play well. There is a lot more info about this machine here.

Technical Specs:

TYPE Home Computer
YEAR 1984
BUILT IN LANGUAGE Fujitsu F-Basic v. 3.0
KEYBOARD Full-stroke keyboard with separated numeric keypad
CPU Two Motorola 68B09
TEXT MODES 40 x 12 (supports japanese language display)
GRAPHIC MODES 640 x 200 with 8 colours
I/O PORTS RS232 pak, disk controller, Z-80 card (to run CPM), expansion port, printer, audio cassette, RGB, Mono Composite
POWER SUPPLY Built-in power supply unit
PERIPHERALS Disk Drive, Cassette, Memory expansion, Z80 card, printer

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