Cool FM Towns website

This interesting japanese webstore sells some hard to find FM Towns and MSX hardware and software. I am still trying to figure out how to use Shopping Mall Japan to buy from them but in the meantime there are some interesting FM Town tips, including this awesome page with pics of all FM Towns computer models.

Here is a screenshot:


New keyboards

I wasn’t really happy with my keyboards for the X68000 and FM Towns. So after hunting for a decent deal on Yahoo Japan, I found these two:

The first is a X68000 compact keyboard, which was released along with the X68000 XVI compact I believe. It is basically new and it is an awesome keyboard. The second is a full size FM Towns keyboard. I am not totally sure if it was the original keyboard for my model but it does look a lot better than my previous grey keyboard. It is a bit yellowed but the keys themselves are in very good condition. Here is how my Towns set up looks like now:


Here is the latest addition to my collection: a super rare Fujitsu FM-Towns II Fresh-ET.

Information about this system is very hard to find. I based my description mostly on info from this page and my personal findings. Old-Computers has some about the EX model but not much overall.

Fortunately all games for previous Towns work great. I am having a blast with Flying Shark which is as close as a true arcade conversion I’ve ever seen (honarable mention goes to the X68k version).

Here is a pic of Chase HQ running on the original VGA monitor that came with the computer:

Great stuff!