Sanyo Wavy 23 – MSX 2

The Sanyo Wavy 23 was the first MSX I got for my collection. It is completelly functional and in awesome cosmetic condition with basically no signs of aging. I also got the box and manual, which do show some wear and tear but are still in pretty good condition:

Internally, this machine is a pretty standard MSX 2 computer for 1985: 64Kb of RAM, 2 cartridge slots, RGB / Composite and RF video output and the usual MSX-Basic in ROM. What is really cool about it is the case design. It has this weird angular shape, with some extra area over the right side, both on top over the slots and at the bottom under the arrows (maybe to serve as a wrist support?).

As you can see the model I have is the dark gray case with light gray keys. There was also a blue model (see pictures at which apparently had the exact same specs.

Overall this is a solid MSX 2 that has some additional collector value due to its unusual design.

Technical Specs:

NAME   Wavy 23
ORIGIN   Japan
YEAR   1985
KEYBOARD   Full-stroke keyboard with 5 function keys, numeric keypad and arrow keys.
CPU   Zilog Z80A
SPEED   3.58 MHz
CO-PROCESSOR   Video Display Processor : V9938 (MSX-VIDEO)
RAM   64 kb
VRAM   128 kb
ROM   48 kb
TEXT MODES   40 x 24 / 32 x 24
GRAPHIC MODES   64 x 48 / 256 x 192 / 256 x 212 / 512 x 212
COLORS   512
SOUND   3 channels, 8 octaves
I/O PORTS   2 cartridge slots, RGB/Scart video output, 2 joystick ports, printer port, NTSC video output, Mono audio output, RF video output, Cassette interface
POWER SUPPLY   100/120v

3 thoughts on “Sanyo Wavy 23 – MSX 2

  1. I have an equal Wavy23 in great condition too. It’s a great machine. Beautiful and efficient.

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