Philips NMS 8250 MSX 2

Philips was the main producer of MSX computers in Europe. The 8250 was consider a high end, ‘professional’ model since it has the keyboard separated from the main CPU. It also has 128Kb of default RAM which is not usual for MSX 2 computers. This model is also quite unique because it has space for 2 disk drives (most would come with only one though) and it also has a SCART connector on the back.

My computer came directly from the Netherlands (shipping is never cheap) and it is in good shape. The floppies were replaced by stock PC drivers and the previous owner did a good enough job painting them and putting a little plastic bar on top to cover the gap. Maybe something I can improve on some day. The keyboard has a few marks but overall is very nice, clean and responsive.

I used the same SCART adapter I have for the Spectrum and Amstrad and it worked out great. The image is as good as the S-Video provided by the WSX and Turbo-R. That is great because it allows me to play games which require cassette tapes (like The Castle) without losing the image quality.

Very cool machine.

Technical Specs:

NAME NMS (“New Media Systems”) 8250
ORIGIN Netherlands
YEAR 1986
KEYBOARD Detachable, full-stroke keyboard with 5 function keys, numeric keypad and arrow keys.
CPU Zilog Z80A
SPEED 3.58 MHz
CO-PROCESSOR Video Display Processor : V9938 (MSX-VIDEO)
RAM 128 kb
VRAM 128 kb
ROM 48 kb
TEXT MODES 40 x 24 / 32 x 24
GRAPHIC MODES 64 x 48 / 256 x 192 / 256 x 212 / 512 x 212
SOUND 3 channels, 8 octaves
I/O PORTS Two 3.5 inch disk drives (720 kB double sided), two cartridge slots, RGB/Scart video output, 2 joystick ports, printer port, PAL video output, Mono audio output, RF video output, Cassette interface
POWER SUPPLY Built-in switching PSU

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