Sharp X68000 Expert

This is my second X68000 computer. Even though I love my XVI Compact, I did want a model that had the 5.25 drives since 99% of software produced was for that media format. I currently don’t have a Windows system with a 5.25 drive so I am pretty much limited to official software for the Expert though. So I alternate between both models as needed.

My Expert is the grey model which is a bit less common than the black one (albeit a little less good looking as well). It is in good shape, with some yellowing and a few scratches. Most importantly, it is fully functional and it has 2 Mb RAM (required to play some games). Besides the disk drives, the other main differences between the Expert and the XVI are the HD interface (SASI instead of SCSI), only one speed (10MHz) and a few ICs. All other peripherals are the same (keyboard, mouse, etc).

It is funny though to see how different these models are size wise (even though they were only 3 years apart). The compact is almost half the size of the Expert!

Technical Specs:

NAME X68000 Expert
TYPE Home Computer
YEAR 1989
KEYBOARD Full-stroke keyboard
CPU Motorola MC68000
RAM 2 MB (up to 12 MB)
VRAM 512 KB (text) + 512 KB (graphic)
16KB Static RAM
ROM 1 MB: 128KB BIOS + 768KB Character Generator (16×16, 8×16, 8×8 – JIS 1 + 2)
SPRITES 16×16 pixels, 16 colours / sprite
128 sprites / screen, 16 sprites / line
GRAPHIC MODES 256 x 240 / 256 x 256 / 512 x 240 / 512 x 256 / 512 x 512 / 640 x 480 / 768 x 512 / 1024 x 1024 / 128 sprites (16 x 16 dots)
COLORS 65535 (16 colors in 1024 x 1024 to 65K in 512 x 512)
SOUND FM Sound (Yamaha 2151 : 2 channels / 8 voices stereo) + PCM (OKI MSM6258V : 4bit mono)
I/O PORTS Joystick, Audio IN / OUT, TV Control, NTSC Video Image I/O, Expansion, External FDD, SASI, RS232
BUILT IN MEDIA 2 x 5.25” disk-drive
OS Human 68K + SX Windows

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