Here is the latest addition to my collection: a super rare Fujitsu FM-Towns II Fresh-ET.

Information about this system is very hard to find. I based my description mostly on info from this page and my personal findings. Old-Computers has some about the EX model but not much overall.

Fortunately all games for previous Towns work great. I am having a blast with Flying Shark which is as close as a true arcade conversion I’ve ever seen (honarable mention goes to the X68k version).

Here is a pic of Chase HQ running on the original VGA monitor that came with the computer:

Great stuff!


One thought on “FM-Towns!

  1. HaaTa says:

    Very nice.

    I recently got myself an FM Towns keyboard (I’m a keyboard collector :P), and an interested in building a USB adapter for it. (FM Towns keyboards typically have Fujitsu Leaf Spring mechanical switches).

    Are you at all familiar with protocol analyzers? I need a basic initialization dump, as I believe the keyboard does 2 way communication.
    If not, that’s cool.


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